While it is true that heritage and environment are two of the main influences of character, mentality ultimately is the decider of one’s fate. Jacob Cline is one of three siblings and for better or for worse had a thought process that meandered and sometimes diverted from the premises of his environment. He was clearly the black sheep of the family growing up but that was only some, sometimes vital, mental perspectives. He was prone to certain proclivities that given the circumstances, one would consider unusual. But that is the seal of his individuality and uniqueness.

About Jacob Cline

Early Life:

Jacob Cline was born and raised in Americus, Georgia. His Father, Richard, was a Director of sales for a steel company. His Mother, Charlene, was a stay at home mom who raised Jacob along side his two older sisters.

At the age of 7, Cline and his family moved to New Jersey where he developed an interest in Hockey. 

Started playing Hockey at the age of 10, Played ECAC Hockey in college. 

Cline managed a bar/restaurant in downtown Boston for a few years while he attended College at the University of Massachusetts Boston. It wasn't until 2009 that Cline started working for the business he still calls home.

Jacob Cline


Cline is a business entrepreneur, consultant and marketing professional in the Chicago Land area. With a sports background playing minor level professional hockey, Cline found a new passion in the Brand Marketing & Sales field.

Jacob has a naturally competitive spirit, which allowed him to pick up skills from an early age and throughout his hockey career that would set him up for success in becoming a young entrepreneur. His diverse skill set made him an effective leader and business owner, which led to subsequent success in representing fortune 100 & 500 companies throughout the country. This growing success has refined his execution of motivational speaking, business management, marketing and sales strategies inter alias making him a tremendous asset in the mentorship and development of other young entrepreneurs. The results speak for themselves; In the past two years alone Cline has successfully tripled his own company size, developed over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs into successful leaders and has personally mentored 14 individuals who started working with Cline with minimal experience in the industry into small business owners who are now trained to mentor and coach themselves.

Currently the CEO and President of Chicago Marketing and Chicagoland Executives, Cline has received several awards and accolades for his achievements, such as Rookie Manager of the Year in his budding career and several Manager of the Year awards in consecutive years as he rose to national consultancy within four years. 

One award he holds dearly, is the Patriotic Employer award he received from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for his work with the employment of military personnel while on a brief 8 month Business developmental stint in Indianapolis, IN. Cline is passionate about tending to the service men and women who were willing to answer the call to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms of our homeland.

While Cline may not be active in the professional sport scene anymore, he still enjoys being a part of a local men’s hockey league in the Chicago Land area where he resides with family. 

Cline recently launched two new programs in the Chicagoland Area that focus on Entrepreneurism and Business Development training for motivated individuals in the greater Chicagoland Area.

Edge University

The program highlights the basic foundations of business development and entrepreneurship combined with the hands on training, coaching and mentorship of some of Chicago’s elite. Cline, who started the Entrepreneur Spring Board was a key instrument in the development and implantation of EDGE University. With over 45 years of combined experience and knowledge on the topic Cline has created a training program that allows hungry and motivated individuals to take on a full time, salaried position where they will build their portfolios working with the largest Fortune 100 and Fortune 10 companies in the country. The team will train, coach, develop, mentor, manage and educate these individuals into highly successful entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur Springboard

A Paid Training Program for the Future Entrepreneur
“Unlock Your Potential!”
Cline has developed a ground breaking Paid Program that approaches Entrepreneurship as a creative process, a fundamental human instinct that we all possess and can all unlock. Our program is designed to develop you with the basic mindset, knowledge, skills, insight and coaching to pursue an Entrepreneurial Career.